PMIW Membership

As a User Led Organisation People Matter IW aim to:

  • Support service user representation in decision making;
  • Assist with service user participation in relevant policy matters, and in the planning of programmes relevant to them as individuals;
  • Invite interested service users to take part in committees working on standards or projects of interest;
  • Encourage participation of service users on committees that are developing relevant services or strategies;
  • Guide service user representatives on standards and procedures and provide them with background knowledge, advocacy and briefings;
  • Help find solutions to finance service user representation, when required
  • Keep in contact with the public to "sound out" wider service user opinion;
  • Study the way other service user committees work, so as to improve structures, where appropriate;
  • Coordinate and collate information arising from service user representation.

Membership is free to all.

Please download and complete the relevant form.

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