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Personal Assistant Support

Personal Assistant Overview


Since April 2003 every local council has a ‘duty to offer’ those who are eligible, money, instead of arranging services for them. When a council gives someone money in this way, it is known as a direct payment.

People who are eligible for a Personal Budget can use their funding to choose who they wish to provide their care. Many people choose a Personal Assistant (PA) as a solution to their care needs, empowering them to ‘take control’ and get much more out their life.

A Personal Assistant can offer a variety of services to support vulnerable people to live their lives as independently as possible. These services can include; shopping, food preparation, support with leisure activities and hobbies, personal care, support with care of animals/pets and much more.


Recruiting Personal Assistants


Often people receiving personal budgets decide to recruit personal assistants directly with limited support around them. Although many people view this as empowering, it can also be a daunting and overwhelming experience, given the number of legalities and considerations involved. Currently there are few legal requirements attached to people working as Personal Assistants potentially increasing the level of vulnerability of those in need. Sometimes people have already identified their Personal Assistant either as a family member or known acquaintance, although many seek Personal Assistants through private advertising, word of mouth or agencies.


Support for those wishing to recruit a Personal Assistant


People Matter IW can provide a free information and advice service for anyone considering recruiting a personal assistant. We keep an up to date database of Personal Assistants.

For a small fee we also offer a low cost facilitation service where we can support people with the recruitment, contract writing and risk assessing of an identified PA.



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Skills for care Toolkit


Skills for care have developed an excellent toolkit to aid those recruiting Personal Assistants. It has many useful templates such as job application forms, adverts, contracts and more.

Click on the image to access the online toolkit.

Hardcopies of this are available from People Matter IW. Please call 01983 241494 or email:

Will your PA be classed as EMPLOYED or SELF-EMPLOYED?

Download our status checklist here and HMRC status guide to find out more!


Support for Personal Assistants and for those wanting to become Personal Assistants


People Matter IW understands some of the complexitites involved with recruiting and hiring Personal Assistants. If you are working as a Personal Assistant we have a number of services on offer to support you in your work. These include access to training opportunties , Networking events, marketing support and entry on to our Personal Assistant register.

To find out more information on becoming a Personal Assistant or to be included on to our PA register please contact us on 01983 241494 or email
























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Are you looking to recruit your own Personal Assistant?


Click here to find out about PARES, our Personal Assistant recruitment and Employment service.

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