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Empowering you

Sometimes it is difficult to get your point across to service providers. We work with people who, for a variety of reasons, find it difficult to get their voice heard, supporting them to ensure they achieve their rights and entitlements.

People Matter IW Advocacy can, where appropriate, provide support, signposting and information for people who are not eligible for Isle of Wight Council Adult Social Care Services.

From the 1st October 2018 PMIW Advocacy is no longer able to offer advocacy services free of charge. However, we may still be able to be of assistance so please contact us for more information.

Please note we cannot offer support to those who are open to Adult Social Care.

For more information, contact us on 01983 685 348 or complete the contact us form.


1. Who is eligible for People Matter IW Advocacy?

• Adults who need care and support who are not currently eligible for IWC Adult Social Care
• Carers of adults (including young carers) who are not eligible for IWC Adult Social Care
• Carers of children in transition to Adult Services who themselves are not eligible for IWC Adult Social Care
• Children with special educational needs who are leaving school but have not been identified as being eligible for IWC Adult Services

2. What issues can PMIW Advocacy provide support with?

• Accessing IWC Adult Services advice and information, including requesting an assessment of need
• IWC assessment of need (including IWC financial assessment)
• IWC care planning process (including Person Centred Planning and transition to Adult Services)

3. What issues are not supported by PMIW Advocacy?

X Any element of child protection proceedings
X Civil and criminal court cases
X Finding accommodation
X Benefits and finances

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