APB (Autism Partnership Board)

Artwork by Georgina Martin-Gentleman


AIM works hard to campaign for better support and recognition for Autistic people, so we set up the Autism Partnership Board, which we organise and chair.

The Partnership Board is organised and run by Autistic people, for Autistic people. It is a place where those that are working hard to improve the lives of Autistic people, whether they are adults or children, will meet to discuss issues, problem-solve, make action plans and work together to make things better. It will make sure that every Autistic person has a voice.

The board itself is made up of core members, and associate members. It is not an open meeting. This is because we need the meeting to be comfortable and organised.

We have representatives from health, education, social care, parents, volunteers, young people, and organisations such as Parents Voice to ensure that the board can be aware of as many people's views as possible.

Any individual or professional body can send us items to be discussed via our Facebook page, email, or through one of the core members.

We currently have eight Autistic people who are core members, making up over 50% of the total.