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Alternative Transport Scheme

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The Alternative Transport project is part of Age UK’s Ageing Better Programme (


The remit of the project is to:


1.Research the transport currently available on the Island for people in the 50+ age group

2.Develop a travel advice service to provide comprehensive information on journey options

3.Work with partner organisations to improve patient transport both on the Island and to mainland hospitals

4.Improve the ability to move around St Mary’s Hospital site for less mobile people


An Advisory group has been set up to steer the project.  If you are interested in transport on the Island, particularly as it affects older people, you would be welcome to attend (but please note that the group   is not there to provide or campaign for additional services or as a complaints forum).


To date, we have undertaken initial research on the availability of transport on the Island, including provision for walking and cycling.  We have begun to provide advice on transport options through information provided via GP surgeries and through our links to other organisations.  We are working closely with the hospital and its patient groups to find ways to improve transport for medical appointments and to provide assistance with movement around the hospital site itself.

If you are interested in the issues surrounding transport for the Island’s elderly population

and would like to be kept informed of the progress of the project, or to be involved,

please contact Alison 07495 099675 (

or Glenn 07495 099639 (

Transport advice

Current Research

If your organisation has a minibus that might be available to hire, please give us details here

If your organisation provides transport to a regular activity for older people, please tell us about it here.

If you need to travel to the mainland for a medical appointment and you are having difficulty planning your journey, give us a call.


Phones are manned between 9.00am and 1.00pm every weekday.