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AIM Sensory Equipment and Resource Library

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What does the library do?


The library has lots of items that can help people who have an Autistic Spectrum disorder. We will talk to you about what might be helpful. We can also give information about other services. Some equipment that people think about buying is very expensive. We want people to be able to try it first. When you have tried it you can decide if it was helpful or not. We do not sell any products. We can give information about where to buy them. The volunteers and staff are not trained OT’s or physiotherapists. They cannot give medical advice.


As part of the AIM (Autism Inclusion Matters) collaboration this new service, will give adults with autism the opportunity to try out specialist sensory equipment and also to borrow relevant books. It is provided by People Matter staff and AIM volunteers at the Independent Living Centre and has been funded by the Autism Innovation Grant from Department of Health Capital Funding.  


It is important to note that the AIM equipment library volunteers and People Matter staff are not trained Occupational Therapists, and will not recommend or prescribe any products to you. The information you are given is for guidance only. It is to allow you to make your own choice based on information from the product manufacturer, your own research and from seeking medical advice from suitable professionals. We strongly advise you to read safety information carefully and to fully consider the health, care and support needs of the individual before borrowing any equipment.


You will find information about the various equipment in these pages.  Please particularly note where the user must be weighed or measured in the centre before the item can be borrowed and 2 of the items can only be tried within the centre.


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We have books about ASD that you can borrow. Books can be borrowed for 3 weeks. You can borrow up to 2 books at a time. We have books for children, adults, parents and carers. To view a full list of our books, please click here. 


Weighted therapy


We have weighted blankets that can be borrowed. We also have lap pads and shoulder wraps. We will have to weigh the person that is using it. We have sensory and pressure clothing to try, sensory hug t-shirt and compressions vests. You can borrow these for 2 weeks. To view our weighted equipment, please click here.


Equipment and clothing


We have peanut balls, swing equipment, ear defenders and headphones, light filters, wedge cushions and lots of fiddle toys. Some equipment can be looked at only in the Centre. Some is available to borrow for 2 weeks. To view our range of equipment and clothing, please click here.

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